The Go Fan™ is a portable powerhouse. One quick charge and you’ll harness all the power you need to cool you down anytime, anywhere. Go Fan™ uses fully adjustable, 360° smart spin technology which makes it a breeze to go up, down, left or right, shooting air anywhere! Go Fan™ really is the fan of the future!

It’s so simple! Just turn the dial to increase the fan speed. Low and slow or crank it for big boy jobs. The powerful clip locks it down anywhere. Your office, the nightstand or even the beach. The Go Fan™ is never out of reach! Go Fan’s™ lithium ion battery will run up to 8 hours and hold a charge up to 6 months! Extension cords ruin floors and batteries are an expensive mess. The cordless power from the Go Fan™ is the only way to beat the heat!



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